Saturday, July 21, 2012

Amma's Darshan

Amma, the hugging saint from Inida spent three days in New York.  I went to get her darshan for the first time.  I heard about her from a lot of my friends and everyone was describing meeting her as a special experience, comparing to meeting a Mother. 
I did my Guru Puja in the morning, asked Swamiji’s blessings to have a great experience and went to NYC.
The hall was full of people.  As always in NY the crowd is beautifully unique: a typical Indian family in a traditional dress was sitting right next to an executive in a white shirt, expensive suit and a great haircut.  I am mentioning the haircut because the next person was with a hair tough to describe but probably rarely this hair experienced soap and water, forget the haircut itself .  I saw bare feet saddhus that looked so similar to their Himalayan brothers.  Really all walks of life manifested…
Enjoying this colorful scenery I was patiently waiting for the program.  The line was long.  Finally I got my token that was necessary to get a hug from Amman and was put into another line to be seated.   The seating was to the side of the stage where she was going to be giving the darshan.  Right at the moment when it was my turn to be seated one of the volunteers came and asked me “Are you alone?”  “Yes” I said.  “Follow me then”.  She took me into the middle section right in front of the stage.   “Thank you Swamiji”, I thought.
The puja, talk and meditation were wonderful.   They even gave little containers with holy water to everyone. 
When the darshan started I walked around a little bit and saw that people were continuing to come and everyone was planning to stay overnight.  I sat close to the stage to enjoy the view of Amma’s powerful hugs.
After sometime a girl showed up with a sign.  The sign asked to do Seva (volunteering). She stood in front of us with a sign and no one responded.  I did not respond either.  She moved to the side and the sign was still up and no one responded.  I stood up and said that I could help but most likely I would have to leave soon since I did not want to stay overnight.  She asked what was my token and looking at my number it seemed that my turn would be up sometime at 5 am in the morning.  I told her that I would help but would not wait for the darshan and we went to the area where the help was needed. 
A new volunteer came,  looked at me and said “Give me your ticket.  I have a G1 ticket and you will go for the darshan soon, just help now whatever you can. 
The darshan line said F3 so G1 was next!!!!
The darshan was wonderful.  She spoke some simple Russian words when she was hugging me “my dear, my dear, my dear”.
I of course thanked my Swamiji and the Universe.  I thought my lesson was don’t just sit and hope for something, do something so it is easier for the Universe to help you.   What do you think my lesson was?


  1. That was my basic lesson five years ago: don't sit and wait till someone comes and does something important. It's you who must come and do this important 'something'.

    And you know what? In 2010 when forests around Moscow were burning, Liza and me were driving to our dacha, and we saw a small fire on our way. And it was Liza who made me stop and put out the fire. She said: 'What if no one else comes?'
    What a wonderful way to make this world better...
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

  2. Well, Tan, you were and are my inspiration in so many ways. Lisa is your extension... Love you!