Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insecure Imagination

In one of his discourses Nithyananda said that we need to get "comfortable with our most insecure imaginations".    What if these imaginations are not imaginations any more?
Today one of my relations said some mean words.  My reaction was pouring tears.
I kept thinking asking myself what triggered such a deep depression and hurt.  My son came downstairs and comforted me.  I am always amazed by his insights.
Anyway, while talking to him I figured this out:  I have been trying to build a family, community in which people would not call each other bad names when they are upset.  I have to say that I have failed because ...wrong goal. 
There is no way I can protect myself from bad words or mean actions.  I do need to develop a thicker skin and un-clutch faster.  
It is my most insecure imagination that I am called names and unloved by people whom I love.  It is happening, it is not even imagination so do I have enough un-clutching in me to live through that?

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