Thursday, July 26, 2012


We live in a fast, fast world. Our daily to do lists are probably what our mothers would consider a nice list for a month.
Maybe I am exaggerating, maybe not.  The point is we are busy.  I personally love that and I also love all my projects and all my friends and I do not want to give up anything!  Do you feel the same?
At the same time, I do want to stay healthy so where do I find time to exercise?
Of course when you love something, you can always make time but I do not really like to exercise.   So it is.  It hit me that it is in fact the best solution. You work on everything: muscles, flexibility, internal organs, mind at the same  time!     How can you be more efficient than that?
A friend of mine who always says that he can not really do yoga because of the bad knees should come to the class and look at the 60 year old man in a knee brace.  He came to yoga to fix his knee!  As one of the instructors said a lot of yoga teachers start as teachers because they had an injury.  So now we established that it is a physical therapy too.  
Anything else I forgot?

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