Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus's Darshan

I was looking for the post about this event and could not find it so I am going to describe it again not to forget.
Last year in August of 2011 we went on an unforgettable trip to Israel, Greece and Italy on a cruise and with friends too!  There was an incredible amount of things to see, remember, enjoy and of course eat. 
I would like to describe this one experience in Israel.  Overall I felt this area as a navel center of the planet.  It needs to be healed!  It needs to be transformed so that the heart energy will make it possible to resolve the situation.  I wish we spent more time learning about the history there but even a glimpse into it  made a huge impact on all of us.
Anyway, when we came to the place where Jesus's tomb and the cave was our guide suggested we go to the place where Greek orthodox church had a small temple because the crowd from the main entrance was huge and  the waiting line was long.
We did go but then I thought that there was no way I was going to leave this place without being inside because what was more important than being inside?  I took my place at the end of the line and invited my daughter to stay with me.  I took my Nithyananda  necklace and said "Dear Swamiji, I really want to experience Jesus's darshan. Thank you Swamiji."  The line started moving and I realized it was moving pretty quickly.  The guards (priests) were not really allowing people to stay inside for a long time.  Our turn was approaching.  Now we could see the inside are.  It was very crowded.  Two rows of people and again moving too fast to my  taste.
Our turn.   And here is the magic part.  The  guard let all the people out.  When the cave was empty he invited me and my daughter inside.  We stayed there, just her and me praying.  Time stopped.  He then let a nun to come in.  All three of us prayed now.
I would not be able to describe that experience,  It was beyond words as any encouter with God is.  Our prayers were over, he let us all out and ... right after we left  many people at once went in and many people at once moved and the whole commotion started again...
I thought to myself: "Thank you for this wonderful Darshan, Swamiji)

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