Friday, July 15, 2011


- Julia is showing photos of her wedding to Lenka and she starts missing her husband.  So Julia said: “Oh I miss Gil (Julia’s husband)”.  Lenka: “No worries, you will probably see him tomorrow since we are starting past life regression….
---At lunch  : Alice came up to me during lunch and said: “Mom,  I am coughing again”.  Me: “Well, go work on that”.  Alice:”Ok” and went to continue lunch.  Kostya: “How can she work on that actually?”  Me: “No idea”.  Two hours later Alice:  “Mom, I am not coughing, I took that candy for cough you showed me yesterday.   They are unpleasant but work.
--------   Julia, Lenka, Kostya and me are sitting outside after the session.   Julia: “I am feeling strange.  I am not feeling fully in my body”.  Lenka with a really delayed answer: “Yes, it just does not feel real”.  Me: “What is real here anyway?”  we all are serious for about one minute and then we laugh.

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