Saturday, July 9, 2011

I just wanted to write them down to remember.  We have here 5 people speaking Russian and four of us hang out often during meals.  So here are some conversations:
 - Julia:  Well, I feel very sleepy all the  time.  What to do with this?  ....I was so sleepy in the afternoon that  fell asleep while we were doing weights with a dumbbell on my chest...
- Kostya - There was an exercise  when he was supposed to share some stories of his life so he started :"Ok hrushi i stepashki..."
- Me and Lenka in the room.  We both brought different stuff for our laundry.  Lenka asks me  "Len, can I use your detergent?"  Me: :"Sure, why, yours is leaving yellow stains?" (mine was leaving yellow stains)  She goes: "No,  mine leaves blue dots..."
- I had to take a picture of Lenka at night yesterday because she was learning mantras with a flashlight under the blanket.  Alice does not allow light after 10pm and Lenka was so sincere in her desire to learn Gyatri Mantra.
-  Alice (my 12 year old) does not allow us to talk at night or giggle or turn the lights on.  So of course we giggle and call her "camp counselor" or "vozatii".
- Julia and Lenka are trying to figure out whether it is Saturday or Friday.  Then they figured that it is Saturday and Julia said "Oh, so tomorrow is Sunday!"  We all looked at her and said :"Yes, and how this helps you?"
-Another one from Kostya - He is the first one to wake up and he stops by our room before going to the hall.  He sets up yoga mats and dumbbells for Lenka and me.  His usual question is " Ok, so how many athletes do we have today?"
Slow days, sweet friendships in this amazing energy...

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