Monday, July 4, 2011

Scorpion Story

Yesterday Alice, my 12 year old daughter, told me that she saw a big scorpion and it was scary and poisonous.  I can not say that I liked that news but did not get too concerned.
Today when I was translating the session about Death (by the way, awesome stuff.  It is wonderful to get liberated from fears of death) he said: “Even yesterday I had to release some confused beings like a scorpion.”  Later we had a question-answer session and one of the ladies asked what he meant by releasing a scorpion.    He said: “When I was walking I saw a scorpion with his tail with poison up and ready to bite.  I looked at it and his tail went down.  I stepped on it and made sure he passed peacefully and into a new good body.  See, I asked all these guys not to come here because we have kids running around now…”  I guess it was that same scorpion… There was a similar story in the fall with cobra I believe.

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