Thursday, July 7, 2011


Interesting things are happening:
**** i was talking to my friends here that every time I go to visit them in Moscow they buy me apricot kernels.  I love them very much and so I said something like "oh, I wish I had them now". In about two hours a girl from New York opened her bag and offered them to me.  I could not believe my eyes.  "Are these almonds?" (they look alike)  "No, no they are the apricot kernels, I always buy them"...

****.At the end of the art classes I spoke to my adult students that I wanted to learn to use the tablet to draw and we discussed what kinds are there, etc.  They also offered me to borrow one so I can learn.  Yesterday one of the girls here asked me about some ideas for the webiste design and she got me a tablet and a Photoshop!!!!  So when not translating I am exploring these new wonderful things.
Thank  you Swamiji for my gifts!

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