Sunday, July 3, 2011

India. Again.

I am in India again.  This trip is even more special.  It might sound funny because it was special all the time but it does get better and better.  This time my daughter is here with me.   She is twelve and is getting into that beautiful age when a lot of arguments are a part of your every day routine.  I do not want to keep arguing with her.  What arguments do I experience now?  Simple:  how much TV is too much?  Why a girl who is 12 years old should not be changing her eyebrows?  What to eat?  How to be skinny and if it is important to eat healthy and what is healthy anyway?  Also “Everyone is dating so maybe I should be dating too?”  By the way, I personally would like to understand what dating means at that age.  Well, just a reminder, she is twelve, not fifteen.  So I just want to get on the same page with her and keep friendship after she stops listening to us. 
And another amazing reason is that my childhood best friend and her husband came to this ashram in India from Moscow.  They actually came here themselves to take Inner Awakening.  Now they are experiencing and I am here to witness and help.
My girlfriend was able to experience for the first time the weightless body after one of the meditations and it is only her second day!  
I did not get a darshan yesterday but my daughter and my friends did and I felt as if I had it myself.  So happy for them!  So glad I can share this! 
Thank you Thank you Thank you

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