Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sudden Bliss

My daughter came back from her trip with dad yesterday.
The house right away was filled with her intense energy.  We looked at the photos, she told me all sorts of details: and hiking, and riding a horse and catching crabs.
She also got a chance to see a daughter of our friends.  She described it as an inspirational experience and meeting with an inspirational person.  I asked her how so and she said that she remembered that girl being kind of goth, dark, withdrawn.  My daughter said that she took herself out of it.  Now she is an open, smart, healthy, extremely bright young lady.  She is older than my daughter by 2 years.  Alice said that she had never seen that happened in her school.  Once kids withdrew themselves, they do not go back.
I was so happy for my daughter!  She met a new and wonderful friend and she can see and understand things way beyond what I could understand at 13 (maybe even later.)
Anyway, we laughed and giggled and she looked me in the eyes and said :"Mommy, I love you."
I went to bed and thought that it would be nice to experience a dream as beautiful as this reality.  I closed my eyes and a rush of intense bliss energy went through my body and I saw my daughter's eyes and I felt every bit of the moment I was in:  home with two children sleeping somewhere close to me, with my dog lying next to Alice's door hoping she would open it and he would sneak in...
I was wide awake.  I enjoyed it for several minutes, said thank you and fell asleep...   

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