Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Should a mother work?

In my recent conversation with mom, she said something like: "Well, you, Lena should have been focusing on having a regular job.  I always worked and see you are fine."
I kept thinking about it because it is an endless debate about what a woman's role is, does she have to work, does she have to stay home and focus on the kids. Is every single woman able to give her kids what  they need or in some cases it is better that a mother works?  What would I have become if my mom had been focused on me?
I do not feel that any solution except "whatever works for your family" has been ever found.
I personally experienced both:  I had to start working when my son was 2 y.o. and I created a job for myself  that allows me to be home for my 13 year old daughter almost all the time.  I love the second way so much more.  I feel happy and grateful that I am around for her.
I also keep wondering what if I had a higher consciousness guiding me through childhood and teenage years.  Let's take it to another level and imagine that this being is your own mother.  Imagine a child has a question and the answer comes not from old, often harmful for a young mind patterns but from a higher plane.  I probably would have contributed to the society much more.
What if our daughters develop this higher consciousness?  Wouldn't it be the best contribution to the society that a mother can make?  Changing the society one human being at a time...
A little follow up on the post came yesterday from Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  He called modern schools "jails" where kids learn to experience fear and loose confidence so that later on they can be easily ruled by the society.   These are strong words but how true they are in so many cases!   He also said that if you have a career and it is more important for you than your kids, you should just enjoy your career.  If you do want to be a parent  then being a parent should be a priority.  There should be no excuse that you have no money to be with your children.  Be aware of your plans before you start a family.  Raising a human being is your primary responsibility.

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