Thursday, August 23, 2012


I heard many times that music is a higher form among all arts.
I thought a lot about it.  I was mostly interested where this kind of thinking might have started.
I had a realization recently.  Not sure if it is right though.
...We can not really hear the majority of the sounds the universe is creating.  Maybe the frequency of the sound is not detectable by a human ear or our senses are muted.  Music has no reference point.  Music that we love is created by people.   God's music is not heard by most of people.   Our senses do not allow us to hear Angels singing 
However, world around us is a huge God's canvas.  We can enjoy God's Art in bodies, faces, landscapes, still lives, stories etc.  The most successful pieces of art are the copies of the Divine canvas/movie theater so since we are actually seeing the Divine canvas all the time but we do not hear Divine music all the time,  people started thinking that music is a higher form of art.
I feel that when we create from the Source then all art becomes part of the Divine Art.  So to have all forms of art at their picks we need to first connect to the Divine Creative energy and then express it freely by transmitting it, making ourselves a painting tool for the Divine.
Nithyananda said: "When you create art, God blesses you because you add beauty to his creation.”   
I feel Swamiji is talking about all forms of ART, right?

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