Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Post Nirahara Samyama Experience

This post is about the changes I noticed so far after this experience.
I can say I am still overwhelmed that it was possible.  I remember how difficult any food limitations or rules were for me.  The same moment something was declared not good and had to be taken out of the diet, I would be craving it all the time.  Quite torturous    This probably applies to any kind of rules.  Just kidding.
Anyway, here I was.  The puja was done and I was allowed to eat now.
I was concerned if my stomach would take food in a normal way or it will need some adjustments.  I remember that Paaramahamsa Nithyananda said that we needed to drink something acidic so I had grapefruit juice and it felt really really good.
I was breaking the fast at my girlfriend's house and she prepared a real treat with organic products and nice recipes.  I felt great.  Actually I felt that I never really stopped eating at all.
So these are the things that I noticed.
1. A much more sensible palette that allows you to enjoy every meal more.
2. I eat much much slower and ...that makes it more enjoyable too.
3. I loved nuts and chips (healthy, unhealthy) and felt that would be the first thing I would eat but have not touched it.  So maybe that was the food pattern that was removed during practice.  I think I will cook with nuts from time to time of course.
4. I feel my sense of smell became stronger.
5. I also noticed that the cooking became enjoyable again for me.  I had a little issue in the recent years when it seemed like I lost the joy of it.
6. I discovered new tastes, like goat mil, that I enjoy.
7. I am calmer in genereal
8. I lost weight.
9. When and if I am hungry I do the technique from Nirahara Samyama and the hunger still goes away.

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