Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Day of Nirahara Samyana started...

Last day has started.  Tomorrow at 9:30 pm I will break the fast.
Total of 20 days of No Hunger Meditation.  I only drank coconut water and water, no food,
Discoveries for me:
- We really do not need food as much as we think we do.  It is all just programmed in us. 
- Food equals love.  Really true.  When I was fasting and only taking water I was still cooking for my son with such pleasure and creativity that I felt that truth inside my body.  It was a  very enjoyable experience.
- I became more sensible to sugars.  I could not drink coconut water for the last 5 days of the fast.  Felt too sweet.  I diluted it but now just stick to water.
- Body feels really really light.  If you can imagine that you lightheaded but that feeling is in your whole body.  I feel I walk lighter, I feel lighter.  I am able to focus really easily though.
- Food is entertainment and as with any form of entertainment, it needs to be enjoyed with a lot of awareness.
- When and if while cooking I was thinking about food I came up with a lot recipes to try, even snacks.   I already made some but have to wait to try!
- Most friends were concerned that it was something harmful.  I have not experienced any side effects at all so from my experience it was not.
I am totally looking for breaking the fast but not because I experience hunger but because I want to share a meal with a friend or family as a sign of love and just that ...sharing ...
I am very grateful for those who supported me, especially my new friend Nitya.  I would not have started this without her.  I am very grateful for my daughter who did it partially but when I saw her not eating for 8 days it made me think that I probably could do it too.
It was great that we were told many times that we could drop the practice any time, no need to struggle.  I feel that idea that I could stop any time made it such a pleasant commitment. 
I am very thankful to Swamiji Nithyananda for making this possible for all of us who participated.  He says that his job as an incarnation is to make difficult practices easy.  Wonderful job he is doing!

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