Friday, January 27, 2012

"Afraid of Public Speaking" from 6th graders

I started an iClub yesterday at our local middle school.
The idea for the club came during LEP program with Swamiji in 2010.
The i in the iClub stands for intelligence.  My plan is to address all different types of intelligence and look at the  things that kids have to face in the modern school.  I also decided to use modern technology and make movies on the concepts, art pieces, etc.  I am using lesson plans and support of the team of educators from Nithyananda mission.
Anyway, yesterday at our first meeting we were getting to know each other and kids were talking about things they want to do or things they want to understand better.  We spoke a bit about public speaking and how  they feel about it.   Almost everyone said they are uncomfortable with  it.
With a little bit of investigation I discovered ...they are indeed afraid of public speaking in front of the people... whom they know. yes, you read it correctly,
This what they said:
"If I have to talk to people whom I do not know, it is fine, I do not care, nor am I afraid.  I am very afraid of speaking in front of people whom I know because if I say something wrong, I will be made fun of right away."
So, are they really afraid of public speaking?  Is their meaning of "public speaking" different from mine or my adult friends?  How precise we have to be with our understandings if we really want to help!  Great "click" for me.

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