Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gratitude to "bad" parents

I always had an issue with how people who were abused in the childhood can be  grateful?
I also thought that parents decided to have a child, then they took care of that child, they played with that child, molded him or her but at the end they expect the child to be grateful?
As you can imagine I was not the most grateful one looking at my thoughts.
Well I got it today.  My  biggest click.
We choose the family that we are born in.  We choose  those who would create what we wanted them to create in the best possible way.  If they treat their child poorly (I am not saying it should be an excuse) then they will do their best to be the best abusive people possible and we, as children,  will get what we came her for.
Or we might get lucky and meet our  Guru early and he will  take care of these far from being perfect parents.  

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