Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Figuring out Friendships when you are a teenager is not easy

My daughter keeps struggling in school.  No, not with grades.  With friends.  With lack of friends I should say.
Her friend with whom she was really close is now close with another girl and they exclude her, Other girls are not that attractive to my daughter. She says they are "inappropriate" or "not interesting".
My daughter has two other close friends but they are in different schools. Is she thinking about them?  Nope.
 Every day she tells me another sad story about "rolling her eyes" and every day I am saying  "try just to go to school because it is a place to get your education, nothing else" and "try not to expect anything".  It is hard, I feel it.
I do not know how to  make it easier.   I wish I could do something.  I know that  focusing on the lack of friendship or love will bring more of that.  Do we all have to go through the same thing or it is possible to learn from others?     She is such a good, kind person.  She wants to be loved and accepted, she does not want to listen to lectures.  She just wants mommy as she puts it.  But I am not enough any more so what to do?\

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