Friday, January 20, 2012

Independence Request from my 13 y.o.- Part 2

So two days of waking up at 5:45 went fine. Third day started with me waking her up, then her rushing to eat, then rushing to pack the backpack for school, then make up in the car (for those of you who are not aware, nowadays per my daughter you need make up at 13).Then running to the car: backpack in one hand, half-packed lunch in the other.
What happened?  TV.
When my husband and I create a schedule for her, she does not have TV or movies during school days and has a movie or TV shows when there is no school.  When she asked me about that rule I said that if she is intelligent enough to figure out the rest of her schedule I will not put restrictions on TV/movies.
I have to tell you that she loves all about movies.  She notices the actors, a set design, a plot.  She loves these fantasies and wants to be a part of that industry.
Since on both days she was so successful at finishing everything on time and ahead of time, I told her that it was fine if she wanted to watch something.
So you have a better idea of her schedule: After school she has a dance class for an hour, a private violin class for an hour, a gym class for 45 min, homework and other instruments that she needs to practice (she pays guitar and sings and her acting coach gave her tongue twisters as homework for this week).
She was all done by 9:30pm and went to watch TV.
I described the morning in the beginning of the post.  1,5 hours of TV killed her energy field.
I warned her a couple of  times but since she wanted to be independent she felt she knew better.
So many adults have that same habit of sitting in front of TV at night (or falling asleep in front of it) without realizing that it will make it difficult for them the next day.   Maybe it is not the TV itself but rather that "entertain me" mood that blocks the energy of the body.   I felt as tired after Internet browsing around too.  Not sure really.
Anyway, I did not rush for help with sandwiches and packing in the morning.  I knew that I would get into that "I told you so" mood, so I was trying to avoid it.
Will she get it from just one time or she would need multiple situations like  that?  We shall see.
Active and not potential Intelligence is required.

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