Monday, March 11, 2013

A King or a beggar?

I had a conversation with my 14 year old one today on the concept of giving.  I noticed that a sentence of "you do that and I will do that" is often used among her friends and by her.  I was thinking how to explain the concept of giving and remembered a class with Swamiji.  I told her that when you give in exchange only and ask for equal compensation, you are in the energy of scarcity.  If you give out of abundance you are in the energy of kings.  By law of attraction you will be attracting the same energy as you put out.  Abundance energy will not come from scarcity mentality.
Of course giving and taking should be both with integrity and responsibility then you will not take inappropriately or give inappropriately.
She got it right away.  How important it is to speak intelligently with young minds!


  1. Nice Ma! :) Nice to see you sharing these great truths with kids!! <3 They are the inheritors of the Earth!! <3 Thank U :)

  2. Thank you Priyanayaki Ma Ananda! Nithyanandam :)