Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enrichment as Enlightenment

Swamiji spoke on four tatvas (truths) so many times this year and at one point he expanded and suggested contemplating on the extensions or deeper understanding of the four tatvas, which are Integrity, Authenticity , Responsibility , Enriching.  He extended with four words and each of these four words correlate with one truth.  These four words are: Positivity, Possibility, Leadership and Enlightenment.
I wanted to share the experience I had..
Funny Part:  I originally thought that enrichment was when you speak about the tatvas. So on two different occasions with two different people when I was discussing some business ideas and in both cases there was no direct benefit for me I experienced what i understand as enrichment=enlightenment.
My body felt the enlightenment click.  It felt as an un-clutched state.  Something was creating from that space .  Thoughts and ideas  came from nowhere.  They were not taught to me at the seminars, they were not read by me in books.  They came as visions into the empty state of being.    Kundalini energy was active and the feeling was  different from usual.
So when you are integrated and enriching others enlightenment is just around the corner.  :) It would be awesome to ask Swamiji to confirm that that was the true experience. So fascinating to live through all that.

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