Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Thinking in Medical Doctors!

I spent 5 fabulous days at the conference in LA learning marketing.  What made me decided to learn it?  The answer is nothing and I did not decide to do that. I went to another seminar where I happened to win this one.
I am grateful beyond grateful for this opportunity.  I will make a list of small and big things that happened here  but this post is not about  that so let me get to the point.
The trainers and students were amazing, ideas of what people's missions were truly inspiring.
I would call this seminar "marketing new thinking seminar"!
Among the students I met two MD psychiatrists and both said that contemporary medical approach  to medications and psychotherapy DOES NOT WORK!!!!!  One said: "You will spend years on my couch before a minor shift happens!"  Another one said: "When it happened to me and I took the antidepressants "...", I started seeing some kind of weird colors and I asked myself "Is it what I am giving to my patients?!"
Both of them experienced depression and both of them are healthy now but....pills or therapy had nothing to do with it.
Both are working on creating companies and radio shows to start promoting the idea of MEDITATION and self-growth.  I felt so honored to meet these two doctors.  Don't you want a doctor like that?


  1. Thanks for your post Elena. Shared with my partners with Conscious Health Magazine. Amen to meditation.