Thursday, July 11, 2013

Inner Awakening in Sparta - Stories

I wanted to put together some memories.  The whole experience was deep and  sweet.  I can not say that we joked around.  It was a gentle and soft experience.  One day we danced though.  Imgine, night in the town where all are sleeping and in one house on the hill the lights are up and five people are dancing in the middle of the night...
Anyway, here are some more stories
 Fire Ritual
At the end of the program we needed to have a fire.  I have a very nice fire pit in my backyard.  The fire started easily and when it was all burned, a light rain put the fire out as if the God of Fire was watching it.
Swamiji and TV
One time we were talking what was the right way of doing completion after the end of the program. Some confusion was present.  At that moment the TV turned itself on (no joke) and the group on the screen was in the middle of a discussion and the fist sentence we heard was :"So remember the question was how to continue competing when we are at home"... and  then the reminders went.
Then a participant had a question about something and before we could open our mounth, the same thing happened with the TV.  This time Swamji himself started speaking and repeated first the exact sentence of the participant and then went on with the answer.  We all were just shocked.  Pleasantly of course!
 This was a very sweet expreience. When Swamji was giving darshan a strong Jasmin smell will be in our space.  I do have two plants outside and we used jasmin flowers for pooja but the fragrance was just increased during the darshan.  Like sitting in the field of blossoming jasmine flowers.
"Sit Straight"  "Do not sleep"
Swamji was really present with us and made sure we were doing our best.  So we would hear: "Sparta, sit straight.  ...Sparta, is everyone here?"  Sparta, Sparta.  At one point he just blessed the whole town of Sparta.  So sweet!
Akashic Readings
We had a chance to have our akashic readings done.  The answers we got to our questions were not in English and we needed to wait for an email with a translation but...our volunteer spoke Tamil so we knew our answers right away.
Items showing up effortlessly.
We needed certain ingredients for pooja and I did not have them in the house.  One of the participants was able to bring it all just from her house so no need to go the store.  This is really nice because as I said we were engaged 18 hours at least so trips to the store were not in a program.  When we needed weights for yoga I found them in our garage and again there was no need to go anywhere.
2 way treatment and Yogic Powers
Swamiji and Ma Maneesha made sure that none of us went home without understanding our root pattern.  Even on the last day they set aside time and helped my daughter figure out her root pattern.  She solved the riddle and I wish you could see her face at that moment.  Priceless!   I have to say that I have never seen anything like that in my life.  Yogic powers in action.  Liberating others.  We witnessed people unblocking deeply buried memories and ridding off them  to be able to start a LIFE.
 There was a heat wave in our area during a program but once one of the participants complained that it was too hot, the temperature started dropping right before the program would start at night and we did not need any air conditioning.
No Food, No Problem
Some of us were doing Nirahara Ssamyama.  We successfully finished 2 levels or in other words 9 days of "no food and no hunger " meditation.  I do not think that we noticed any difficulty.  Just being in the program seemed to make this such an easy task.
It all felt like the most amazing and authentic experience.  I felt I was in Bidadi itself.

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