Thursday, February 28, 2013


Surrender feels  as if the light in me bows to the source of light knowing that that inner light itself is the source that is longing to lose separation.  
There is no inferiority feeling but there is a feeling about the Grandness of the Guru.  Feeling of being relaxed.  
Seems hard to express. 
Swamiji expressed it this way:

When we believe there is a Life-force that is conducting this Universe and is taking care of us, we relax. When we relax and are not stressed or worried, we can live and function to our optimum potential. We can express our creativity and live spontaneously. We experience a great freedom and liberation. This is surrender. This is true knowledge also. This is the knowledge that cannot be taught or picked up. The Master can simply transmit it when our being is ready to receive it.

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