Friday, February 15, 2013


There is a saying that nothing really is what it looks.  Well, I am thinking that depends of course on who is looking.  Ordinary eyes - probably yes.  Enlightened eyes - I do not think so.
I do not have enlightened eyes yet but often find that I see much more than what I used to.  By seeing I mean understand and feel.    Much, much better but still ordinary, conditioned to see things.
I did my first proteksha pada puja in 2010.  As I wrote many times, all these things were really foreign to me.  Proteksha Pada puja is when your Guru accepts your puja and you are right in front of him.  I was there for about 40 minutes and then you can speak to him and ask questions or ask for healing or whatever seems important to you at that moment.
Anyway, After the ceremony I got gifts, his framed footprints and my photo of the ceremony.
Footprints were framed and I brought them home without ever opening the frame.  They were not really visible, just a little pink color on what I thought was a white paper.
I have another set of footprints from my second one that I did with my daughter and these footprints are so bright that when I brought the second set I put them to my puja place and left the first one in the other room.  My thinking was the second one is brighter and since they are "the same" I do not even need the first one that much.  I did not disrespect the first one but I did put them away...
I was rearranging my house for holidays this weekend.  I moved the frame with my first footprints and the glass broke.    I put the set with a broken glass aside to take it apart later.  I did not open it still.
In a day or so, I opened the frame thnking I would put the frame up wihtout the glass for now and then when I have time I would get a diffrernet glass.
When I opened it up I discovered that it is a cloth, not a paper.  It has such a tremendous healing energy too.  The whole cloth!  How could I have thought that I would get "the same thing" from Swamiji?!
I am going to design a special healing box and put it under glass there.  Can you imagine if you put this cloth on a sick person?  What a gift!   

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