Friday, February 15, 2013

Dreaming up a life...

jump, jump. Left foot, right foot.  Brown dress, black apron, red scarf, two braids… Moscow, 1973.  A girl is walking the streets of Moscow and dreams intensely about…bananas.   One day, she thinks, many years from now, I will be living in Canada and I will have a kitchen and every day I will have a bowl of fruit on my table with lovely yellow bananas.  

 Why Canada, you may ask?  “No clue,” I tell you, but I think perhaps that it is because there was so much negativity then toward the U.S., and a neutral attitude toward Canada, and so it was okay to dream about it.    

Three years later the banana dream is still there, but it has grown: I can clearly see myself speaking English as if it is my native language.  Oh, and of course presents, presents, presents for my two best friends.  I have a house and money and I am packing a suitcase full of awesome stuff for them.  For one, I would bring a fur coat that is red because she would look so good in it and for another one I would bring a fur coat that is black and white and she would look so fancy.  They will be very happy and we will laugh so much.  

I still have my best friends from childhood.  I have never bought them the fur coats from my dreams and with my outlook on life as it is now, I most likely won't but I do have immense pleasure buying presents for them when I visit and so do they...

We really dream up our lives.  So how important it is to realize that early, very early.  When we are children we do need to dream up something great, something that might be of help to humanity.  We are so powerful.  We need to give our children the guidance so they realize very early that they have the power to create their lives.  We need to give them guidance or better bring them to an enlightened beings where they will learn to create a better life for all of us and our planet.  How blessed are the children who have that guidance. 

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