Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not advice but sharing!

I had a great realization today.
There are many situations when I give advice.  I feel that the advised action will bring good results to the other person.  The key word in the previous sentence is "I" because I come from my experience only.  By the way more often than not an advice will never be used.
Is it ok?
Yes.  This is how I got to it.
The question is: "Have I given the advice because the person asked me for it?"  Not always.
Should I keep giving advice?  No.  Advice is always implies that the person giving an advice knows better.  Do I really know better?  No, of course not!  It is their life and I only have a glimpse of it in one tiny aspect of it.
Have you also noticed that people who love giving advice do not ask a lot of questions?  They have an idea that they know.  We all have colds from time to time so most of us will know how to treat it but there are other illnesses that might manifest as colds so when we see the symptoms we should not assume we know the diagnoses.
It is different with enlightened beings though because like doctors (or I should say much better than doctors) they see our medical history so it is a different story.
So what about me?  Should I continue sharing?  Yes! Sharing is a song about LIFE and it's melody and lyrics are unique to the person singing it and  I am singing mine.  

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