Thursday, December 13, 2012

It is all ours...

I was at a freinds' house last night.  I needed to be on a landline but my home phone is not  functioning well.  This family has a beautiful house.  The husband showed me the study and invited to settle with my things there.  The study or office is a beautiful room with shiny dark wooden floor, tall book cases, a big, beautiful desk, and of course a big leather couch with a very comfortable chair.  I looked around and said: "Oh, what a beautiful office you have!"  He smiled and said: "It is not mine.  It is everybody's.  We do not have space in the house that is mine or hers or theirs.  Even our  bedroom is a playroom for our children sometimes."
What a blessing to have parents like that!   They have a son and a daughter.  These children will not grow up with the idea of superiority towards their spouses and they will never abandon their elders.  They are not just told to do the right thing.  They experience living in this  environment.  And once you experience it you can not comfortably shrink to a superiority idea which is scary when expressed in both genders.  Women thinking that they are better than men are as scary as men thinking they are smarter than women.

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