Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am waking up n the morning, sitting down for my puja and meditation. Every day.  I rarely miss  this experience.
Why?  Am I afraid that if I am not doing it, something bad will happen?  Well, no.  I know that God is not here to punish us, we do a great job on that ourselves!  As a matter of fact we are so good at that, he needs often to lessen our excellence with creating situations that hurt us.
So why then?  Simple.  Inspiration.
I was sitting at my meditation today and then a thought came that I am involved in a lot of projects and how awesome I would feel if Swamiji were conducting them and I was just a helper.  The next thought  was "Wait, I am just a helper", then I felt a relief from pressure.  By the end of the meditation I had three different topics for podcasts that I wrote down,   then I finished editing my last podcast which is called "Deprived Generation" and it is only 9 am in the morning.  I have big plans..
Let Him be there and let me never forget that I have an honor to be a helper...

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