Friday, December 14, 2012

Nirahara Samyama Again

It is my second time with  this practice.  I am at the second level which means in a 7 day stretch of no food no hunger meditation.
The most interesting and eye opening thing is that I can clearly see the patterns and the proof that when we think we are hungry and must eat it is just a mind pattern not a real thing.  In a pursuit of quick enjoyment mind abuses the body.  Here is why:
I have the same amount of liquids throughout the day:  mostly coconut water and vegetable juice (this too is less than a glass, supposed to be diluted too)  so if  my body really needs food  I should be hungry the same way throughout a day but......I felt that I am hungry at night after 7 pm  two days in a row and not in the morning or afternoon.  Interesting,right?
The feeling went away after I chanted mantra.

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