Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gratitude or Being Like Santa!

I talked the other day with a caring person who feels that there is no gratitude towards his actions from his family but at the same time he felt that the family was grateful to God.
I thought to myself that if the family felt grateful to God, they surely knew that even that person was a part of God and then how that person could be excluded from their gratitude circle?!
This talk left me with a feeling that everyone only sees what they are conditioned to see.  No one can really prove anything unless the other person's mind is programmed to see goodness in others.  Maybe one must have faith in others first and then he or she would be able to see that goodness in the world outside.  I was not able to convey that message in the conversation with that person.
I then  thought that kids often feel happy and grateful for no reason.  They do not really need a big proof that they are loved or cared for.   We also do not need much from them,  right?  Just a smile or a hug and we are running around to do some more things for them.  I bet most of us do not run around with the thought that one day when they grow up we will give them an itemized bill for our actions.  By the way when parents do give a bill and say something like "I did so much for you and you...."  They often hear: "And who asked you to do all that?"  Legitimate question.  We also feel like kings while we are giving because we give not in a form of exchange  like "I am giving you $1 so please make sure you give me back at least $1".  We give like Santas.  We are their Santas.
I feel all giving should be like that then we will feel so rich and our life will have so much juice and joy! Maybe that is what the Bible means "Be like children.  Heaven belongs to them."
As for my lesson, another reminder that I have to start with myself.  Seeing God in others all the time is a great practice for me.

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