Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday Miracles.

My very first one was a message from Swamiji.  How awesome it was to get it?  VERY!  This is what it said:
"Hello ma. Nithyanandam to you forever. And wish you many more happy returns of this wonderful day ma. And each and every morning while wake up is the day of your birth ma. have a blissful day ma. Bye."
I love birthdays and there is that special urge to feel loved by Existence on that day.  Of course if every day is our birth day it gives us so many opportunities to feel that, right?
I started the day with puja and meditation.  I have a rose tree, by the name Miss Bliss.  I wrote about it last year.  Believe it or not, it had a rose for me for my birthday again this year and ...some unopen buds too! 
I took the rose and cut the branch with unopened buds to put the last ones in the water.  By the way, three days later my unopened bud opened up! 
My flower miracles this year also included fresh petunias.   It is the end of October the leaves are almost gone and those that are still on the trees have dark brown and yellow colors.  BUT!!! THERE ARE FRESH PINK PETUNIAS IN MY FLOWER BOX ON THE DECK.  In June of this year I planted petunias and gave these flowers healing.  I think they liked it because this flower box shines with fresh pink color as if it is June or July.  I used these flowers for my pooja.  
I can tell that I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  
My mediation was deep and very relaxing, I enjoyed being  thoughtless so much! it was such freedom and it was difficult to come out of it and I considered it another wonderful gift!
The rest of the day I felt such connection to the whole world through my birthday messages.   
Remember how when we are children, we often have friends who live on the same street so we invite them to our birthday?  Well, my birthday messages were coming from all over the world: From Moscow to China, Singapore and Switzerland, Canada and France.  I met a lot of these friends in India where this blog was born and our connection just became stronger over the years.
Now I feel connected to the whole world as if  there is a friendship grid that covers the planet and I am one of the dots or links on that  grid and it lights up and moves around and these energy waves of love and friendliness flow from one place to another.  "Happy Birthday from Switzeland!" "Happy Birhtday from New York"  "Happy Birthday from Moscow"  "Happy Birthday from India".
My spiritual family, my childhood friends and all freinds that I met throughout my life is a large, warm and awesome group of people.  
At night my friends took me out.  They also all turned into poets and artists when giving me gifts:  One friend wished me to have nirvana inside and ...a lotuses garden outside.  Another friend said that I am like a small universe that is beautiful and dynamic and in constant motion and instead of my usual response: "Oh, no, it is too much, I am nothing" I thought to myself that that is pretty cool to feel like a universe and be surrounded by other universes full of poetry. I even got a pair of earrings that one of them designed:  a long golden string with a round white perl.  And then I got a cup  that said :"All we need is Love..."

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