Saturday, October 20, 2012

Positive thinking or Un-clutching?

I wanted to do a short follow up on a previous post.  I feel that the story how I saved $3,00 and won $6,900 is a brilliant demonstration how all my positive thinking was still not able to match what Life had in store for me.
I know that we influence our life all the time with our visualizations and imagination and of course it is better to visualize good things and outcomes but...  I feel so strongly now that I have to be in a complete un-clutching mode 24 - 7.  Un-clutching is a technique.  I am enclosing a link at the end of  this post with an explanation of it.
That Un-clutching technique brings more value to my life, way more value.
I did it the first time in December 2007 and was amazed how simple it was and how much peace of mind I got out of it.  I did it continuously for 11 days.  Now I do it all the time when I experience something that we call "stress" but today I felt that I finally really got "un-clutching".  Got it to the point that it is not a practice but life style.
Here is the explanation of the  technique here.  Enjoy!  Copy and paste this link: - it about 2 hours long.  there is a short 7 min version but I felt that the long and slower explanation gives more time to process because it is very different from we were taught all our lives. 

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