Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I spent last weekend at the Vedic Art Workshop in NYC.  I came home from that workshop with several paintings, mostly abstract.  All of them were done in a very short period of time and I experienced such a great state while painting them.
The art show is coming up this weekend at my school and I was discussing with my students what they want to put in the art show. Criteria for most of them was how much time they spent working on a painting.
I kept talking about a moment and inspiration and how it is not the amount of time that determines  the value of your art.  Then I got curious if I were able to do what I was preaching.  Would I be able to exhibit the pieces from my workshop and not the traditional art?
I felt my body going into all sorts of doubts:  I can be misunderstood, misjudged etc  I decided to go to WalMart (frames there cost almost nothing and there was no way I would get an expensive frames for these paintings!).
I put my paintings on the floor with the frames and started questioning myself again.  If I say to my students to display and not fear the judgement then I should do it too but my work should represent the school and what I teach and I do not teach abstract art that much.  We maybe do couple of abstract sessions a year at most....
While I was standing there looking at my art on the floor with the matching frames I heard :"Mom, come , come. Fast!  I found a  treasure!"  An eight year old boy was standing right next to my paintings pointing at one of them.  I smiled and said: "Thank you."  His mom asked if they were my paintings.  I said yes and we chatted a little.  I then asked the boy which ones he liked the most and he picked two for me to display for sure at the show.  Now that I am typing this story I am thinking I should have given at least one of them to him since he was the one who ,found a treasure...

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