Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well, again...
I meant that someone is climbing the ashram walls,abusing ashramites and media is "reporting" but really just making stuff up and satsang.
Communication from the ashram is the same as always:  you have been trained so start living the teachings, start un-clutching and stop the drama; no illegal actions will help, we are going to follow the law.
I totally understand the "stop the drama" part but my being is still longing for peaceful meditations, nice growth of the sanga, etc.
I have to share this one story though.  Last year when I was volunteering in the ashram there was one point when I asked myself looking at Swmiji: would there be any time when he adjusts himself to fit the society or he will continue to create the rollacoasters to see if we do in fact live his teachings or just read or listen to them and then have the nerve to preach to others.  The answer came very clearly, I saw it in my head, I felt it and it was: No way He will ever be predictable,  no way he will try to fit our rules.
He will continue doing what he thinks is necessary even if we do not understand.
I  got sad but then kind of settled with that thought.  Yup,  He knows why he is doing, what he is doing and my job is to be blissful so before I do anything I have to remember to un-clutch and bliss will follow...

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  1. At the satsang after his release Swamiji said: "Our history will be the richest history among all spiritual organizations." I thought to myself that he just gaves his answer again to me. Never a dull moment, only moving ahead, moving the mountains..