Wednesday, November 23, 2011

House as a Temple

What is the difference in us when we go to a place of worship: a temple, a church, or  a monastery?
Do we feel differently?  Do we behave differently?
Have you noticed this special "holy" feeling you experience when you are in a house of God?
Well, I  figured out that there is a technique that is widely used by followers of  the Vedic tradition and Russian Orthodox Church.  I am sure these things exist  in  other traditions as well .
Every house has a sacred place of worship of God or Guru.   Chanting and worship happens there every day.   What does it make your house then?  Well, it transforms your house into a ... temple.  If you are in a temple will you still  have these silly arguments with your family members?
There should also be no two personalities: a "church" personality and "I am home and I am tired of all of you or some of you" personality.
Awesome technique...

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