Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greedy for Miracles

This is somewhat a continuation of "Rose for my birthday" story.
I brought the rose branch into my house;  a rose opened up and I used it for my guru pooja.  Well, my rose miracle did not stop there.
On the other branch there was an absolutely green bud.  Once the first rose opened up completely, this green bud started opening up. Another red rose started blooming.
It was too much!  I thought "No way", just "No way"  Well, it did open.  I took pictures and again I used this rose for my guru pooja.
Guess what?  Now I started feeling that I wanted to continue this miracle to happen.  There were three more green buds. One of them started opening up a little.  Now please remember that these rose branch came from the tree outside of my house and all I did I put it in the water inside my house.  It was the third week of the branch being inside my house.
Once I saw the third red rose started opening I kept on checking on the flower.  I checked and checked again and my camera was so ready for the another rose to show up.  Exciting...
Well, it did not.  It just stopped opening up and the rest of the buds did not show any potential blooming all of a sudden.
I thought a little about it and the only difference was that when the first roses were opening I was not expecting them.
Neither I was ready for the very first one to bloom on my birthday, nor I expected to get the second one inside my house.  But once I got the first two I was expecting it to continue and the miracle stopped...
I became greedy for miracles.  "Not enough" attitude showed up.  The lesson for me was "watch how attachments form, watch how greed shows up,"
Dear God, let me be grateful for everything and expect nothing,  
...such a blissful way of learning though...Thank you Swamiji.

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