Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enjoying Guru Pooja

I was never into idol worship.  The whole idea seemed strange and unnatural and absolutely unnecessary.
Can't you just connect to God, why do you need all these things in between?
Oh, well...
Not that I can really explain the phenomena myself yet but I am enjoying guru pooja so much recently.   I noticed that my intelligence level is different. If I speak or make a decision after the pooja, some major shifts in how I see things happen.  It is so awesome because I can so clearly and vividly see that  the emotional aspect of the previous decisions, relationships and whatever else wants to constantly interfere and if you just un-clutch (which is awesome too) you do not always see the picture or explanations of people's actions.  After the pooja I see way more and from different perspectives and it creates such a distance between the issues and my emotions.  As a result I can function so much better.  Amazingly better.
Hooray to Guru Pooja!

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