Thursday, April 25, 2013


During my last trip to Moscow Russia, I noticed that people were calling other people  energy vampires meaning that some people are tiring to be around or one may feel drained after a conversation as these people  “eat” their energy.  I remembered that I used to have experiences like that too!!!   So one day, after spending time with one of my dear friends, she said to me: “I enjoy your energy so much.  it is light and refreshing and happy”.  Then she stopped and said: “But please do not worry, I am not an energy vampire, I won’t pull it from you.”  I laughed and said: “Please do!  Take as much as you need.  I do not have my energy, I am connected to my Guru and His energy is limitless and goes to everyone who needs it.  I am just enjoying the process.”  
I now again see that another idea left my system.  I always wanted to be a healer.  Now I know that I am because I realize over and over that I am not the one healing, not the one giving.  I am only an instrument.  Thank you God for that :)

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