Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Responisibility/ Smart or ....

This story is from a marketing seminar that I attended last fall.  
A beautiful girl was sitting on the stage getting advice on how to present her company.  The speaker asked her: “What do you do?” She said “We are a group of professional organizers who will midwife your life into a new beginning”.  The crowd went silent.  What?  Turned out she had a company that organizers or de-clutters houses to be exact.  DId you get it from the description?  Well, she was a Yale and Harvard graduate.  I think a lot of educated people suffer from this “let me complicate stuff so it sounds more important.”  
I remember I read once a book by a professor of the Russian Language.  I will skip the name.  I remember only that after reading several pages I thought to myself:”He enjoys his own mind more than he cares about the readers.”  I never finished his book.  Whatever we do we have to enrich others , not enrich our own ego.  My Guru speaks about it every day now for 4 months.  

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