Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miracles expectations

We all have that immense longing for miracles and fairy tales.  We invented a story of Santa and in the spirit of Santa create all sorts of good deeds.  Then later we hear from our teenagers: You lied about Santa for many years and how do I know that you did not lie about other stuff.  We have Valenite's day – from preschool they bring cards and get cards from everybody -- no exceptions.  Then they get to Middle School where they expect to get the cards but ............they are big now so no Valentines for everyone from everyone.  It is a couples day now so we get a lot of frustrated teenagers who are longing to belong and be loved and they have one day when officially they are not either loved or accepted.I thought about Vedic Tradition again and I  believe it is the  best idea.  You expect miracles from God only, you get them sometimes from God and no other fake holidays or figures.

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