Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Rose for my birthday

Several days before my birthday I was sitting in front of Nithyananda picture and told him the following: "Dear Swamiji, I know I am probably greedy.  I know you just materialized vibhooti for me.  I am very  greatful for everything.
My birthday is coming soon.  I  know I might feel sad and you know 'why".  Please help me out and let me feel that you are celebrating my birthday with me.  And of ocourse, if my request is not appropriate do not worry.  I know you are with me anyway..."
I wrote about Miss Bliss in my previous post but if you haven't read it, Miss Bliss is a rose tree in a small garden we have.  She stopped blooming at the end of September I got all necessary things to prepare the tree for the coming winter: some stalks, hay and canvas like material to cover Miss Bliss from the frost.
My husband and son said that they would help me cover the rose.  None of us are really good with gardening. When we went into the garden to cover Miss Bliss for winter we saw.... a new, fresh, red rose blooming on the rose tree on my birthday!   End of October...

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