Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet "Miss Bliss"

A big surprise was waiting for me and my daughter upon our return from India this year.  My husband changed the landscape of the yard in front of our house.  We have been living in  this house for about ten years but never did anything beautiful with our front yard.  We were always "too busy" or "this is not important" mode.
While we were away, my husband found a great landscaping company and created a garden for us.  Trust me, this is a huge miracle.  Several things with this garden are pretty miraculous: my husband is not a landscape architect nor did he ever had an interest in the designing of the gardens.  He does not like to spend money for silly things. See, we grew up in Russia.  Our mentality always was that we try to buy useful things.  Making land pretty is not the part of that mentality.
Last one and  the biggest one for me was that he bought a rose tree for this garden.  He really does not always buy flowers when you would expect a man to buy them, let alone buying the rose tree itself.
I was overwhelmed.
I hugged the rose tree and chanted gury pooja mantra and welcomed it to my life.  I gave the  tree a name, Miss Bliss.
Our landscaper told me that if the tree is ok, it will probably give us a flower or two  this year and from next year we will see a lot of flowers.  I was happy happy happy.  I did not expect any flowers, I just wanted the tree to survive,.
Every morning I would look at it and say hello.  I love my Miss Bliss.
At the end of August we were going travelling again.  This time we were going to Israel and Greece and Italy.    We were packed and it was  time to go.  I stepped out of the house and went to say good buy to Bliss.
I saw three flowers opened or about to open.  She started blooming.
Well, she did not stop blooming till the end of September, she was giving me fresh roses for my guru pooja every day... 

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