Saturday, August 6, 2011

Prasada from 21 temples and Shiva

During we had a special day when prasada (food offering) from 21 temples was brought to the ashram for Swamiji.  We were gathered in a big hall.  Three long tables were holding photos of the temples and the samples of food that arrived from these temples.  The samples were places in front of the picture of the temple from which they were brought.
Participants and kids from eN-Genious were sitting on the floor with huge, bright green banana leaves in front of them.  Swamiji sat with everybody.  Volunteers started serving all these different kinds of foods  that arrived to the ashram from all over India. Some temples sent more than one sample so variety of different tastes was amazing.
I was sitting behind my old  girlfriend Lena and new (but felt like old) girlfriend Julia, Swamiji was speaking from time to time so I figured that I should stay with Lena to make sure she understands everything and I can always eat later.  Girls were enjoying but kept asking if I was going to eat.  I kept telling them not to worry.  After several times repeating the same sentence I started laughting and asked :"Do you really think Swamiji will not take care of volunteers?"  ...
I have to say that only now I can fully understand that there is no such thing as helping the mission.  Only you have been helped at every moment even when you got confused and thought otherwise.  So all their concerns felt really funny to me...
Anyway soon Swamiji said :" Please all those who served food come to me now and I will give you food myself"  Since I was not the one who was serving food ( I was  translating)  I stayed next to the girls.  They again started saying that I have to go and get the food and again I laughed.
Within the next thirty seconds Swamiji called all other volunteers.  I ran.  I really did.
When I came to him, he had two big plates in front of him.  One plate had a white sweet and another was holding big yellow balls.  I wanted this one.  I had no idea what the name of this sweet but wanted to try it. He looked at me, 1/3 of a second pause and a big yellow ball landed in my hands from his hands.    Best sweet ever.
Later I too tried all different kinds of things that came from all these different places but his eyes, this yellow ball and his hands giving it to me are still in front of my eyes...

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